Nightmare Before Christmas (The)

35mm behind the scenes slides x19



A collection of 35mm slides from the production of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the 1993 stop motion animation favourite directed by Henry Selick and produced by Tim Burton.

This collection of nineteen 35mm colour transparencies are mounted in cardboard surrounds which are printed with the title of the movie and Touchstone Pictures copyright. Four of these feature high quality stills from the movie with the remainder featuring rare behind the scenes stills which show the creation and filming of the puppets. The final six images presented here are scans taken from just a selection of these slides.

The slides each measure 2" x 2" and remain in excellent condition. High resolution scans of these stills can be provided to the buyer at their request.

A fine collection of stills from the production of this Academy Award nominated stop motion animation classic.

Movie / TV Show Nightmare Before Christmas (The)