Zeroid perch miniature



An original miniature used in the production of Terrahawks, the 1980s British science fiction television series produced by Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson in conjunction with Christopher Burr.

This is an original Zeroid perch which was used in the puppet scale cockpit of the Terrahawk craft which was in scale with the larger principal Zeroid miniatures. The perch is constructed from a plastic pipe fitting which has been finished in silver paint and detailed with various different coloured tape, it can be matched to the one on the right of the behind the scenes images presented here which are from continuity polaroids taken during the production of the series.

The Zeroid perch stands approximately 5" high and remains is excellent screen used condition with some minor paint wear and tape lifting, overall fine.

A highly displayable miniature artefact from this classic Anderson series.

Movie / TV Show Terrahawks