Thunderbird craft concept designs



A collection of concept designs from the production of Thunderbirds, the 2004 live action remake of the classic 1960's Gerry Anderson science fiction television series of the same name.

This collection of conceptual designs were created during the very early stages of production in 1997 when months of pre-production work was completed including script writing, design and storyboarding. Following this the project was shelved for several years until late 2002 when a new script was penned and the project was realised with the eventual 2004 release. These concept design copies are taken from the original renderings and depict the new updated designs for the Thunderbird craft which were being considered for use in the movie with one detailing the differing scales between the craft and one featuring and further hand drawn and tipped design.

Each of the five concept copies are A4 in size and remain in excellent condition with some pinholes from use during pre-production, very fine.

An incredibly rare example of early pre-production material from this science fiction adventure picture.

Movie / TV Show Thunderbirds