Blob (The)

Hazmat suit helmet



An original costume used in the production of The Blob, the 1988 science fiction horror picture directed by Chuck Russell.

This helmet formed part of the hazmat suit costumes worn by members of the biological containment team seen prominently throughout the second half of the movie. These helmets were custom made for the production and are constructed from a plastic shell covered in white material with vacuum formed chin and forehead panels and a plastic face visor. The forehead panel features a built in strip light which is operated by two switches located on the chin panel which are accompanied by a faux breathing vent, the material extends to a full chest panel featuring a utility pouch and pocket with quick release clips used to attach it to the body suit.

The helmet measures approximately 10" x 12" x 14" and remains in good production used condition with a small crack to the face visor and some of the interior lining having come loose due to the ageing glue. The wiring for the light to the forehead remains present and operational when connected to a battery.

A recognisable and displayable artefact from this box office flop which later achieved cult status.

Movie / TV Show Blob (The)