Terminator 2: Judgment Day

T-1000 (Robert Patrick) bullet hit

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An original prop created for the production of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the 1991 science fiction action blockbuster and the second instalment in the popular Terminator franchise.

Bullet hits such as this can be seen on the costumes worn by Robert Patrick as the T-1000 throughout the movie, the practical bullet hit effects were developed by Stan Winston Studios and two types of costumes were created, one to photograph the bullet hits being created using practical effects and others to be worn by Patrick during the action sequences. This bullet hit was custom made by the production for use on the costumes worn by Patrick as the T-1000, constructed from foam rubber with an elasticated material backing which would be used to attach it to the shirt and finished in a metallic silver paint, bullet hits of an identical shape to this one can be seen on various costumes throughout the movie.

The hit measures approximately 6" x 5" and remains in excellent production made condition with only minor paint wear, overall fine.

An affordable and displayable artefact from this classic action blockbuster.

Movie / TV Show Terminator 2: Judgment Day