Brian Johnson personal snow walker concept  

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Brian Johnson personal snow walker concept



An original concept design used in the production of the 1980 science fiction picture The Empire Strikes Back, the second instalment of the classic Star Wars franchise directed by Irvin Kershner.

This was issued to visual effects artist Brian Johnson and is a production made copy of the original concept artwork for the snow walker drawn by visual effects art director Joe Johnston, a prolific designer of many elements within the Star Wars universe. This early concept features differences to the finished design including a gunner pod to the rear of the walker, an idea that was ultimately scrapped, this walker design can be seen featured in J. W. Rinzler's Making of Empire Strikes Back book on page 35.

This production issued copy was originally part of the Empire production bible, it was recalled on July 17th 1978 when it should have been removed from the bible and returned to production coordinator Miki Herman. Although removed from the bible this particular copy slipped through the net and was retained by Brian Johnson, part of the team which went on to win a Special Achievement Academy Award for the visual effects on this picture.

This rare early concept is in near perfect original condition and has been carefully stored over the last 35 years. Very fine.

A fine production artefact from one of the most influential and highly regarded franchises in cinematic history.

Movie / TV Show Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back