Jurassic Park III

Spinosaurus tooth

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An original prop used in the production of Jurassic Park III, the 2001 adventure sequel starring  Sam Neill under the direction of Joe Johnston.

This is an original dinosaur tooth fabricated by Rob Ramsdell at Stan Winston Studios and used on the full size animatronic Spinosaurus. The tooth is constructed from finely moulded resin and features a threaded bar to the base which would have screwed in to jaw of the Spinosaurus and is hand inscribed '3T' indicating its placement, this is finished with a highly detailed paint job to include scratching and darkening to the base with some red weathering to simulate blood.

The tooth measures approximately 5" long and remains in excellent production used condition, extremely fine

A highly displayable artefact from this highly regarded franchise.

Movie / TV Show Jurassic Park III