Sky One filming miniature



An original miniature used in the production of UFO, the 1970 science fiction series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

Arguably one of the most memorable aspects of the series is the Skydiver which represents SHADO’s defence within the Earth’s atmosphere. These nuclear powered submarines operate from under the ocean and include a detachable front section which can launch to become a single seater supersonic fighter aircraft equipped with missiles capable of neutralising threats from a UFO. Skydiver and Sky One were designed by noted miniature effects artist Derek Meddings with his heavily annotated concept drawing specifying where the two sections would separate and how the craft would launch. Meddings originally envisaged the Skydiver moving in to a vertical position for Sky One to launch but this was later revised to a 45 degree angle, possibly the simplify the filming of the miniatures. It is believed that the complete Skydiver was built in two scales measuring approximately 30” and 60”; in addition to this an independent large scale Sky One miniature was also built.

This is the original large scale Sky One miniature used in various shots throughout the series, constructed from fibreglass and model is beautifully crafted and heavily detailed with numerous panel lines and decals as you would expect of a miniature built to be filmed in close up. Such is the level of detail the pilot even sports an accurate helmet, harness and SHADO logo on his clothing, lights were also fitted to the wing tips for night time shots with the wiring that powered these still remaining today. The miniature measures an impressive 26" in length with a 24” wingspan and remains in excellent screen used condition with some age related wear lacking the interior grill from the nose. This is the very miniature seen held by Derek Meddings and Ken Holt in the famous photograph taken in the Century 21 model store.

This represents the only original Sky One filming miniature known to exist today and an iconic example of an original Anderson miniature of which very few remain in existence today, a highly displayable and incredibly rare artefact from this classic series which remains noted for its groundbreaking miniature effects.

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