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Skagra (Christopher Neame) spaceship filming miniature - Shada

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An original prop used in the production of the long running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.

This spaceship filming miniature was created for the uncompleted and unaired serial Shada starring Tom Baker as The Doctor which was intended to be broadcast in 1980, it was later released on VHS in 1992 with narration by Tom Baker and the addition of new effects shots produced by Ace Editing.

The miniatures for Skagra's spaceship were visioned by BBC Visual Effects Department designer Dave Havard and built in three scales with this being the medium sized version believed to have been constructed by effects assistant Stuart Brisdon in scale with the Krarg carrier miniature. The miniature is constructed from wood and plastic and features a perspex cockpit canopy and a weathered yellow paint finish, the sequences that appear on the VHS and DVD release and feature this very model were not actually created during the visual effects filming which took place at Ealing Studios in November 1979 but were instead rendered from still photographs taken at the time. The final previously unpublished photograph presented here shows this ships large scale counterpart behind the scenes at Ealing Studios during the visual effects shoot.

The miniature measures approximately 9.5" long and remains in excellent condition with some minor paint wear and lacking one piece of detail from the left rear, otherwise very fine.

This represents an incredibly rare example of an original filming miniature and a highly displayable artefact from this classic science fiction series.

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