Prisoner (The) - 1967

Episode synopses

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An original synopses from the production of The Prisoner, the 1967 British television series starring Patrick McGoohan.

This original vintage synopses comprises of 42 pages bound between front and rear covers of white card with the front featuring the series logo and ITC Entertainment logo in the same manner as the original scripts, the presence of a New York Address rather than M-G-M Studios, Borehamwood and the manner in which the synopses is bound indicates that this was created for use in the United States. The document contains a detailed synopsis for every episode of the series in USA broadcast order with a further page for each episode listing senior production credits and the guest cast.

The synopses remains in very good vintage condition exhibiting some staining most notably to the rear cover which has transferred to the interior pages becoming progressively less serious from back to front, otherwise fine

An extremely rare example of original material from this cult television series.

Movie / TV Show Prisoner (The) - 1967