Die Hard

John McClane (Bruce Willis) stunt Beretta 92F



An original prop used in the production of Die Hard, the 1988 action picture starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman under the direction of John McTiernan.

John McClane (Bruce Willis) can be seen using his trusty sidearm, the Beretta 92F, throughout the movie, this is a stunt version of the weapon for use when the hero live fire pistol was inappropriate. Constructed from solid rubber the weapon features makers markings and the serial number 'C63121Z' to the frame with the Beretta logo to the grip.

The prop weapon measures approximately 7" long and exhibits some wear from handling having clearly seen heavy use during the production with the muzzle and trigger no longer present.

A highly displayable principal character artefact from this classic action franchise.

Movie / TV Show Die Hard