Hellraiser II: Hellbound

Special effects corpse



An original prop used in the production of Hellraiser II: Hellbound, the 1988 horror sequel directed by Tony Randel.

This corpse was used in the sequence where police officers search the house where the family of Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) are killed in the events of the first movie and can clearly be seen on screen as it is shot by officer Cortez (James Tillitt) after the skeleton falls from the closet. This special effects prop was used for the shot where the corpse is fired upon and is seen taking damage from the rounds, constructed from anatomical skeleton with a pulp covering and hand painted finish to simulate rotton flesh it features wiring to the rear in order to deliver an electrical charge for the bullet hits to the head and chest.

The corpse measures approximately 31" long and 15" across the shoulders, it remains in good production used and distressed condition with some minor damage to the ribs and lacking some of the pulp covering to the chest.

A highly displayable artefact from this classic horror franchise.

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