Event Horizon

Cooper (Richard T. Jones) spacesuit rear pack

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An original spacesuit rear pack used in the production of the 1997 science fiction horror Event Horizon.

This is an original spacesuit rear pack custom made for the production, designed by John Mollo of Star Wars and Alien fame they were built for the movie by special effects company FBFX. While the hero spacesuit packs were constructed from fibreglass with integral fans some stunt versions such as this were created for shooting sequences where a lighter and safer alternative was required.

The pack is constructed from foam rubber and is complete with the collar section on which the helmet would locate, the pack features various details constructed of resin and various straps used to secure to the actor. The front of the collar and the pack feature name and number stickers which could be changed depending on which character was to use it thus minimising the number needing to be built, currently sporting 'JUSTIN' stickers from its last use during the production in addition to the three rescue stickers seen on Justin's pack. The inside of the spacesuit pack has been cut to allow the installation of a circuit board and battery clip used to power the life support strips of the front, these remain operational with the exception of one small section, the foam section which was removed is still present and fits back in place to conceal the wiring.

The pack measures approximately 20" x 14" with the collar a further 13" and remains in good production used condition with some minor damage, lacking number sticker to the front collar area and exhibiting significant paint loss revealing the yellow rubber surface, this appears to be a direct result of the paint not adhering to the surface correctly and having worn off in the twenty years since filming.

An instantly recognisable element of the spacesuit and a fine example of principal character costume from this regarded science fiction horror.

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