Corpse Bride

Skeleton stand in puppet



An original puppet used in the production of Corpse Bride, the 2005 stop motion animation fantasy picture directed by Tim Burton.

This is an original stand in skeleton puppet used during the production for lighting and camera set up to avoid using the more delicate hero stop motion puppets. Built for the production by puppet specialists Mackinnon & Saunders the skeleton is constructed from resin joined with wire to act as an armature in order to make the puppet poseable in several areas. The main spine section is of resin and silicone with the hands featuring an internal armature making them fully poseable. The puppet is finished to a high standard having been painted and weathered to resemble bone.

The puppet stands approximately 16.5" tall and remains in excellent production used condition lacking the fibula sections to the legs, otherwise very fine

A rare and highly displayable puppet artefact from this stop motion animation favourite.

Movie / TV Show Corpse Bride