Doctor Who

Coronet of Rassilon - The Five Doctors



This original Coronet of Rassilon was used in the special feature length episode The Five Doctors which marked the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who. Starring Peter Davison with the previous four Doctors also reprising their roles, albeit with Richard Hurndall standing in for the late William Hartnell and with previously unused footage for Tom Baker who refused an offer to return to the series.

Rassilon is a legendary figure in Doctor Who history being responsible for developing the time travel technology used by the Time Lords and is considered the most important individual in Gallifreyan history. Many artefacts also bear his name, including the Coronet, a device which gives the user the ability to dominate the mind of others.

Produced by BBC visual effects, the Coronet rim is constructed from fiberglass with metallic braiding and is adorned with imitation jewels made from resin, at its widest points it measures approximately 11" x 9".

An important artefect from a highly regarded episode of this long running BBC television series.

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