Child's Play

Large Good Guys doll box



An original Good Guys doll box used in the production of Child's Play, the classic 1988 slasher picture directed by Tom Holland

Good Guys doll boxes such as this are clearly seen on screen in the opening credits of the movie, two styles of these boxes were custom made for the production, some with vacuum formed three dimensional doll inserts and others with more simple photographic inserts for background use. This Good Guys box is the rarer of the two containing the more realistic doll insert constructed of thick vacuum formed and painted plastic. The colourful and vibrant box features various graphics including advertisements for the other accessories in the range and the Good Guys logo with a window of thick plastic attached from the interior.

The box makes for an imposing and impressive display piece standing 35" high and measuring 13" wide with the doll insert approximately 27" x 12.5". Both elements of the prop remain in excellent condition with the box having some edge wear and only very minor surface marks to the plastic insert.

An instantly recognisable and highly displayable artefact from this classic horror franchise.

Movie / TV Show Child's Play