X-Men: The Last Stand

Beast (Kelsey Grammer) hands

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An original pair of hands used in the production of X-Men: The Last Stand, the 2006 superhero picture directed by Brett Ratner.

These hands were custom made by the production for use by the character Beast portrayed by Kelsey Grammer. The hands are based upon custom made blue gloves which extend up the forearm and are highly detailed with the fingers on the back side of the hand constructed from foam rubber and featuring hand punched blue hair. The palms of these hands are constructed from leather which is padded to the interior and finished in blue with some line details, these intended for use where a more durable pair of gloves were required for filming and the wearing of entirely foam rubber hands was inappropriate.

The hands measure approximately 18" long including the forearm and remain in generally excellent condition with some light wear consistent with production use, most notably to the leather palms, overall fine.

A recognisable and displayable wardrobe artefact from this highly regarded superhero franchise.


Movie / TV Show X-Men: The Last Stand