Battlestar Galactica (TV) 1978

Colonial Viper filming miniature

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An original filming miniature used in the production of Battlestar Galactica, the American science fiction television series developed by Glen A. Larson.

This Colonial Viper miniature was one of the first produced from the production mould by the visual effects outfit known as MCA-57 which largely consisted of the crew which had produced such stunning miniature effects on Star Wars (1977), the crew would later split with some moving to Industrial Light & Magic to work on The Empire Strikes Back (1980) leaving John Dykstra to form Apogee Inc with further effects for the series being handled by Universal Hartland.

This Viper miniature was assigned to test the pyrotechnic effects of a miniature blowing up on camera, constructed from slush cast resin the miniature was reassembled by a visual effects crew member who retained the pieces following the test. The highly detailed miniature measures an impressive 15.5" long and remains in good reassembled condition lacking some parts which were not found following its use during the production.

An iconic craft and a highly displayable artefact used in the production of this classic science fiction series.

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Movie / TV Show Battlestar Galactica (TV) 1978