Space: 1999

22" Eagle command module master plug



An original master plug used in the production of Space: 1999, the cult science fiction series produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The Eagle Transporter is the primary spacecraft of the series, its modular design was that of noted visual effects artist Brian Johnson who had previously collaborated with Gerry Anderson on Thunderbirds. The Eagle was built in four scales to fulfil filming requirements, the construction of these models was primarily handled by Space Models after which they were filmed by a talented visual effects team headed by Brian Johnson at Bray Studios where they produced some of the finest model effects work that had ever graced our television screens.

This is the wooden master plug used to create the command modules on the screen used 22" Eagle filming miniatures. This was hand carved in wood by John Phillips of Space Models and served as the master from which heat formed acrylic parts were created to be used on the original models, this sculpt forms half of the entire module as two sections would have been created and fixed together to form the complete nosecone as we see it on screen. The sculpt features panel outlines highlighting where the raised panel detail was to be stuck on the completed module, there is also some filler present to the window areas applied to smoothen the sculpt. The underside exhibits print transfer from a period newspaper otherwise the piece remains in excellent production used condition.

An important and desirable artefact from the birth of the now iconic Eagle Transporter.

Movie / TV Show Space: 1999